Welcome to Stereogram NFT, we are developing a collection of 10,000 unique NFT’s on the Cardano blockchain. If you look closely the textured backgrounds will have various themes, either created from original photographs by Agent Badger (or his family), or with other NFT artwork used with the permissions of the creators. Unsigned art (Unsig’s) have been used in our first series. Random generation and minting has been coordinated by Mendrinos.   

Depth maps have been generated, largely based on cryptocurrencies but with some extras thrown in, these can be seen by relaxing your eyes out of focus and in some cases spending a lot of time looking. Picture frames, nameplates and signatures have been added to the artwork, making some rarer than others. But like most artwork, the real value is in the pieces you personally find more attractive. 

Below: A selection of some Stereogram NFT's from our first series - Breakout

Pink Scramble background texture
Unicorn Dream frame with Agent Badger signature
Unsig Stereogram with deep blue futuristic frame
Deep blue, can you see the stereogram?

Above: Our first test Stereogram