About The Project

Stereogram NFT is a new NFT project on the Cardano network, released in August 2021. The artwork is based on the popular stereogram (Magic Eye style) art of the 1990s. Here we will be minting our own Stereograms as Non Fungible Tokens (NFTs) on the Cardano network, at present these tokens can be stored in the Daedalus and Yoroi wallets. As the project grows we intend to add more diverse pieces to the collection in future series. 

Example of a Depth Map hidden with in the textured background. These should ‘pop out’ when you get your eyes focused just right. 

Backgrounds are made up of small blocks of repeated image, if you zoom in you should be able to see what has been used. This is an example of a ship in a bottle for a background. 

The Team

The project team is currently only small, we are based in the UK:

Agent Badger

Artist & Co-founder

Agent Badger: a full-time conservationist with an interest in art or all types, Badger got interested in NFT art on Etherium around a year ago but got really excited when Cardano mainnet Goguen launch in March 2021and the possibility of affordable NFTs became a possibility. Badger has been in many of the Cardano NFT discord groups since Day 1 of the Spacebudz discord.


Minter & Co-founder

Mendrinos: is a recent graduate of Physics and a self-confessed nerd who loves the challenges of automating random NFT construction and naming, as well as automating the minting process. Mendrinos is also a stake pool operator.