Rarity Tables for the StereogramNFTs

Backgrounds – 351 backgrounds were generated manually for the StereogramNFTs, with master images made from photographs taken by Agent Badger. Textures were then applied to trip out the colours, we like them nice and bright.

Depth Maps were then added, these are greyscale images that when applied will create the 3D image that can be seen when you get your eyes focused just right. We have 9 different depth maps to find. Rarities did not get applied to the depth maps.

Signatures – we have used signatures and dates to apply rarities, while no signatures are the most common, the Agent Badger signatures have 13 variations, in general, a signature with a date is rarer than just a signature, although gold is an exception here. Some very rare signatures exist, these have unusual colourations, not necessarily with dates. Look out for these in your collections.

Nameplates – are the rarest feature, only 1993 have nameplates, the rarity should increase from wood, silver to gold (with gold being rarest), however, we did produce a Mendrinos Silver Mutant nameplate. This was a happy accident during making these, which we wanted to keep.

Frames – we deliberately didn’t apply rarity on frames as we wanted to let the colour combinations ride as much as possible. We hope you appreciate some of the really beautiful colour combinations we have got during this series.

So in general, if you are interested in collecting for the rarities, not just the appearance we hope these tables and information will help. A combination of a gold nameplate and signature with year would basically be a good pull. We will add some pictures examples of some of these rarities on this page soon. Thank you.