Here we are uploading some examples of different size options for the StereogramNFTs so we can move forward with speeding up the loading in and elsewhere. 

Above: full size original as we currently have for StereogramNFTs, this is 44mb in size. Too large. Although it allows zooming into background details and is a size that can be printed easily. 
In the proposed change, this full size would still be accessible through a link in the metadata from 

Above: 9mb StereogramNFT
Possibly still too large for etc

Above: 3mb StereogramNFT
Size is more acceptable, load times for very large wallets could still be slow

Above: 2mb StereogramNFT 
Seems like a good size, stereograms still work well and looks nice

Above: 800kb StereogramNFT
Probably the smallest we could go. Backgrounds now pretty pixelated when you zoom in.